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Cartoon style fish sprite

Cartoon style animated fish 2d game asset

This fish is the first in a series of underwater assets that I'll be creating over the next two weeks. The fish comes in four colors each with three pre-made animations created in Spriter from brash Monkey. The spriter file and all the necesary images are also included in the folder if you wish to create more animations. Please be aware that unlike all the other animated assets from the site I have not included a sequenced spritesheet, there are, however individual key frames of each animation in png format each roughly 725 pixels by 525 pixels, I couldn't included the spritesheets because they pushed the download size to over 100 mb. As I said the spriter file is included so you should have no problem exporting a spritesheet even if you are not familiar with the software. Check out the folder contents tab to see exactly whats included.

Asset info
Title Cartoon style fish sprite

Price - $1.55

Format See file contents
Download size 17.13 Mb
Catagory Characters, animals and monsters etc
perspective2D side view
Cartoon style fish sprite

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