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Jet pack man game character 2d game sprite

Fully animated jetpack character 2d game asset with weaponized and non weaponized forms. The animations include flying version and walking on the ground versions. the download includes hd spritesheets, png body parts,a fully rigged spriter file and vector body parts. You can also export the spritesheets upto sixter ercent higher resolution in keyframes or spritesheets using the included Spriter file.

Asset info
Title Jet pack man game character 2d game sprite

Price - free

Format See file contents
Download size 18.94 Mb
Catagory Characters, animals and monsters etc
perspective2D side view
Jet pack man game character 2d game sprite

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I love your stuff. I am going to see if we can purchase some assets to develop maths/English software for our students. I used to work with Brashmonkey and this would be a good reason to also start using Spriter

Feb - 21 - 2018

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