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Game developer studio standard licence

I've tried to keep the license as flexible as possible whilst protecting my own and license holders interests to as much a degree as permittable without ruining their use. As a result I think you will find the license quite flexible and more generous than a lot of other licenses offered by many other asset stores. Of course the content found on this site is all my own work so I am able to be more flexible in the terms of use


- You have non exclusive rights to use assets in commercial, personal or monetized derivative works which you create. A derivative work is an end product that incorporates the asset as well as other things so that it is larger in scope and different in nature than the individual asset. Typical examples of this would be a Game, an application or a website.

The following licence applies to both free and purchased assets downloaded through this site The term "asset" refers to any media downloaded either freely or for a charge through this website and its services.

- This licence does not give you permission to redistribute or share assets in any form other than their intended use in derivative work (see above). You cannot redistribute an asset as stock, in a template or in package designed for further development including ready made game template packages, tutorial packages, asset libraries, ,other stock sites or any other package which is distributed for further development.

- You may not include assets, parts of assets or modified assets in any of your own assets for sale as stock assets on other stock asset platforms

- You may use assets in multiple commercial, personal or monetized derivative projects.

- The licence grants you permission to modify assets, although modified assets will still be subject to this licence.

- Attribution or credit is not required.

- You are permitted to use assets in any advertising in relation to the derivative work which you promoting although you must not use an asset as your product logo or trade mark.

General questions regarding the license

Some people have written to me to ask for clarification about the license. I'm going to post these questions for the benefit of all users as I understand there still may be doubts about the license. If you have a question about the license or see something which you feel isn't clear please write to me.

Can I use your graphics for my apps? I usually make free apps with advertising?

Yes of course. this is their intended purpose

Can I upload my game to, play store, app store, steam etc with your assets in?

Yes of course, again this is their exact intended use.

By saying non exclusive rights. In general does that mean I can, or cannot use an asset for commercial use?

Firstly, yes you can use assets from the site for commercial games. Non exclusive rights basically means that you don't own full copyright permissions over the asset, this allows me to re-license the asset to other users, but you do have permission to use asset in your commercial games or apps.

I'm using your assets for upgrades in my game, where users pay for upgrade items, e.g more powerful weapons, faster cars more gold etc. Does the license allow this?

Yes of course. you can use the assets in your game in anyway you wish.

I'm using your assets in an online game development course, can I include your assets for download so users can follow along?

No, sorry! Whilst you are allowed to use the assets in your tutorials, be they, videos, text or photographic in nature offering the assets for download would be considered as redistribution in a template package which is intended for further development. In order to protect my work and in fairness for users who have rightly purchased a license, redistribution is prohibited under this license.