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Game obstacles and hazzards

A collection of 2d game sprites of obstaclesand and hazzards.

Asset info
Title Game obstacles and hazzards

Price - free

Format See file contents
Download size 873.02 K
Catagory Characters, animals and monsters etc
perspective2D side view
Game obstacles and hazzards

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thank you,great stuff!

Dec - 04 - 2017

Andrew P

Nice. The obstacle collection and rock trap both look ideal for a Wile E. Coyote (RoadRunner) style of game, with lots of cartoon violence! Maybe someone would like some more ACME-style products? Always wondered why Coyote didn't choose a different brand of devilish device...

Dec - 07 - 2017

Robert Brooks

Thanks guys! You're wleome Ibby!

Dec - 10 - 2017

Brian King

More great work (and for free?!). Love this site. Thanks, Robert.

Jan - 23 - 2018

Robert Brooks

Thanks very much Brian, You're welcome!

Jan - 23 - 2018

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