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Canon plant game asset

Another attacking plant for your 2d games. The download includes all you need to incorperate this game sprite into your games including spritesheets, rigged puppets (Spriter) HD png body parts. The plant is already animated and includes the animations shown in the video in spritesheet format. But as the Spriter file is included you can export to individual keyframes if you need.

Asset info
Title Canon plant game asset

Price - $2.95

Format See file contents
Download size 22.01 Mb
Catagory Characters, animals and monsters etc
perspective2D side view
Canon plant game asset

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Andrew P

After first trying the carnivorous plants (on this website), I was tempted to try these plants too. Both plant types are great, the art quality is good, and there are many, many frames for each plant. So the cost is negligible. The new cannon plant is a good alternative to a typical shooting sprite. It could be used as a buddy-weapon for the player, or else the main player sprite itself. With so many frames for the carnivorous plant, I didn't need to use them all, and yet I still used many. I also got nice behaviour patterns. When using the cannon plant, I restricted the movement behaviour because I wanted the carnivorous plant to take precedence. But whatever the case, there are all the frames you'd ever need to make plant behaviour of arbitrary complexity. And the frames animate smoothly. Nice.

Jul - 10 - 2017

Robert Brooks

Thanks for such a detailed comment Andrew! I hope other users find it useful. I also love to see people adapting parts of assets for different things, like your cannon idea. When I create assets I also try to keep in mind that people might want to adapt them or only use certain parts for different uses other than the intentioned ones. With a little imagination I think that 60% of assets on the site can be pulled apart and put to different uses other than their main one. I'm sorry that there were to many frames in the original animation sometimes it's difficult to find a balance between low frames and a smooth animation. I always include the spriter file for this reason. Did you use it to re-export the animations in less frames?

Jul - 11 - 2017

Andrew P

Sorry my comment seemed to imply that I was chopping out tweeny frames from your sprite-sheets. That would suggest I'm not satisfied about the number of frames per sprite, and think I have to choose the best and still hope for a smooth animation. Not so. Being no artist, I have no mind for picturing what static frames will look like when animated. I go by your judgment. The plants came in several sprite-sheets, so if I chose not to use some (say I didn't want a sprite in its idle sequence), I would simply ignore the entire sprite-sheet. If I want a sprite drawn in the opposite direction, I scale it by -1 at game-time, rather than include the sprite-sheets. Or I rotate at run-time. I convert the sprite-sheets into indexed (palette) form, as all of them have fewer than 255 colours. I also compress the pngs to further reduce size, with no visible quality loss. Because your artwork is detailed, I first down-scale an entire sprite-sheet, reducing each frame from (say) 512 pixels wide to more like 128. I end up with few files and small ones, with no loss of key frames. Cheers,

Jul - 11 - 2017

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