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Projectiles for 2d games mega pack

Massive pack of 2d game projectiles. The pack contains all you see in the preview image and more. Projectiles that rotate when thrown, such as the boomerang, throwing knife and bone etc all come with animated keyframes. Each missile comes with a flaming burner animation too. Projectiles like the bullets , bomb and grenade do not come with animations due to there stationary behaviour. If you need an explosion effect you can find one here Explosion effect

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Title Projectiles for 2d games mega pack

Price - $4.50

Format See file contents
Download size 5.22 Mb
Catagory Game items
perspective2D side view
Projectiles for 2d games mega pack

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leon moran

love it, great work :-) just what i've needed

Apr - 29 - 2017

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