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Jungle background

Repeating parallaxing jungle background game asset

The download includes two versions of the jungle background. day version and a night version. Both versions come in .png and vector format included in the png formats you will find pre made complete images of the backgrounds including a left edge, a right edge and a center piece all of which repeat on both the left and right sides so you can extend the background infinitely. As well as the premade complete images you will also find each each piece of the composition in separate png files(sky, background, mid ground and fore ground) so you can create stunning parallax effects easily. All pieces repeat on left and right sides too. The resolution of the pngs are around 2770 pixels by 2000 pixels

Asset info
Title Jungle background

Price - $2.95

Format See file contents
Download size 8.33 Mb
Catagory Backgrounds
perspective2D side view
Jungle background

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Thomas Jackson

Is this background supposed to work with the "Jungle Platform" assets you released?

Feb - 03 - 2016

Robert Brooks

Hi Thomas this background works quite well with the jungle tiles it's also easy to edit the colors with the minimum amount of either vecotr or photoshop skills. If you use unity you could even do it in the engine

Feb - 03 - 2016

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