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10 hand weapons

Collection of 2d weapon icons game assets

I finally got round to finishing these after having them sitting on my harddrive for a while now. pngs, and vectors as usual. Check out the contents tab and image for more details

Asset info
Title 10 hand weapons

Price - free

Format See file contents
Download size 575.83 K
Catagory Characters, animals and monsters etc
perspective2D side view
10 hand weapons

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hi. um i was wondering since i was working on a visual novel game would i need to inclued a name or something like a link somewhere for it ? it would be wonderful to know thank u!

Apr - 30 - 2016

Robert Brooks

Hey William! you don't need to attribute to use free or non free assets from this site. Best of luck with your novel!

Apr - 30 - 2016


Hi, I like your jobs. In the future I will come here for when I develop more advanced games

Dec - 16 - 2017

Scott Brooks

Thanks Sargis, see you soon.

Dec - 16 - 2017

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