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Blood sprite effects

Five blood sprite effect game assets

Asset info
Title Blood sprite effects

Price - $0.95

Format See file contents
Download size 745.48 K
Catagory Characters, animals and monsters etc
perspective2D side view
Blood sprite effects

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Arief Fauzan

Hello, Does this Asset Includes SVG?

Aug - 02 - 2017

Adrian ?ukowski

Don't know if you received your answers already, but, yes ot includes SVG. You can always check what is included in the pack by opening "Contents" tab (it is above asset title).

Sep - 11 - 2017

Robert Brooks

Thanks Ardrian! I can't remember if I sent him an email or not but thanks for pointing that out to him and anyone else who was wondering or hasn't noticed the contents tab. Thanks and greetings!

Sep - 11 - 2017

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