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Carnivorous plant game asset

Fully animated carnivorous plant game sprite. Having the plant spit fire copuld easily be acheived using a projectile from this asset pack.

Asset info
Title Carnivorous plant game asset

Price - $3.50

Format See file contents
Download size 35.50 Mb
Catagory Characters, animals and monsters etc
perspective2D side view
Carnivorous plant game asset

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Andrew P

Superb artwork. Good detail and smooth animation. For plant behaviour, I wrote a small Finite State Machine. Ideas used: 1) Each state corresponds to one plant frame 2) Each plant is either idle or attacking (munching) 3) If a plant has been idle too long (no prey in sight) then animate it anyway (either horizontal to vertical or vice versa) 4) I use a good random number generator to control the frequency and timing for when a plant will attack, although later I will add prey for them too 5) Adding another plant (of different colour) and different behaviour is easy to do eg one plant may munch faster, for longer, or stay idle for a different period. Lots of fun working on the plant code over the last few days, and love the results.

Jul - 02 - 2017

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