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rainbow tile set for sd game development

Set of 2d tiles for creating imaginative 2d sky scenes

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Title rainbow tile set for sd game development

Price - $2.95

Format See file contents
Download size 2.99 Mb
Catagory Characters, animals and monsters etc
perspective2D side view
rainbow tile set for sd game development

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Andrew P

Nice. I am reminded of a few old arcade games. Super Mario had cloud scenes but they were basic. This work is more like Rainbow Islands, where the hero shoots rainbows, climbs on them to reach top of screen (goal). The rainbows animate, fanning out horizontally after being shot, and they can explode also. The nice curvy graphics above remind me games with mine shafts, such as Donkey Kong Country on Nintendo and and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on Sega Master System. Just mention these games because they may create some extra ideas.

Jan - 16 - 2018

Robert Brooks

Thanks for your comment Andrew, Yeah I remember playing those games when I was younger,I'm considering buying a wii u just to relive Mario and donkey kong. Now that you say it some mineshafts would be cool to have on the site too!

Jan - 19 - 2018

Andrew P

Hi Robert. Two cheaper solutions are MAME and watching youtube walkthroughs of games. You could also buy a cheap book of: A..Z of video games. I guess the hard part is knowing how to go from cheap retro graphics to your own improved ones. Your butterflies (vs those in arcades) are a good example of your success at adapting.

Jan - 19 - 2018

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