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Viking collectable items

Golden collectables game assets for your viking levels

Asset info
Title Viking collectable items

Price - $0.25

Format See file contents
Download size 1.11 Mb
Catagory Characters, animals and monsters etc
perspective2D side view
Viking collectable items

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You're making it hard not to make a Viking type game :P Any chance of a viking bundle at all?

Sep - 13 - 2017

Robert Brooks

Hi Khadin, Yeah although I'm running out of ideas for more stuff. I'm thinking twice about bundles. Until I implement some kind of grouping system for the site I'll continue to group things together according to their individual usefulness. For example, the mountain tileset was specifically created for the viking game, but these tiles extend to many types of themes so instead of locking them up in a viking bundle I can offer them individually so people won't have to pay for a load of assets they don't want or need. In fact the whole site is intended to work in this way. People pick and chose the assets they need to create their game. As the site and my work matures you will find that most art here shares a similar style so should work together pretty well. But that being said, in the future I am thinking about making a groups page, where I can group assets together into recommended packs, but people will still have to download one by one as that's the way I have the site set up. But the advantage of this is that I can make awesome asset packs reusing assets but people won't pay twice for the same asset! But that's a far future right now I want to concentrate on asset creation. It's been a slow summer due to other commitments, but things should be picking up again now. Thanks for your comment.

Sep - 13 - 2017

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